Terms and conditions


The contract of all sales and services between Primo Air Ltd and the customer are governed by these conditions. No other terms and conditions, except by law, shall take effect, unless otherwise agreed upon.



All quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quote.


Pricing can change before completion of work. We endeavor to inform the customer of this as soon as possible.


Deposits on materials may be required for new or existing customers.



All invoices will be sent to the customer at completion of job.


A payment reminder will be sent to the customer after the due date.


All goods and services are supplied at the price ruling at the delivery date and the supplier reserves the right to pass on to the customer any price increase incurred after date of quote.


No variations to the work, originally quoted for, shall be done without the agreement of both the customer and supplier.



The balance on invoice is the total payment due.


All accounts will have until the 20th of the following month from date of invoice, to pay total amount on invoice, or customer will incur a late fee.



Delivery occurs at the time possession of goods passes to the Customer or person nominated by the Customer.

The risk in goods passes to the Customer on delivery.

Irrespective of whether ownership and title remains with Primo Air Ltd, risk in the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery of any goods, to the customers address. The customer is responsible for all insurance of all goods from the time of delivery.


The customer shall inspect the goods upon delivery or within 12 hours after delivery. If delivery has any abnormalities the customer must report these findings to Primo Air Ltd. Any costs incurred from thereafter pass to the customer to pay.


Title and Security

Ownership and title in the goods, or any proceeds from on sale of the goods, shall not pass to the customer until the customer has paid Primo Air Ltd in full for the project and all other sums due.


Property in and ownership of the goods remains with the supplier until all money the customer owes to the supplier has been paid in full.


The customer consents to Primo Air Ltd registering on personal property security register (PPSR) a general security interest over all the customers assets and a security interest over all goods supplied by Primo Air Ltd


The customer waives the right to receive a copy of the verification statement. Nothing in sections 114(l)(a), 133 and 134 of the PPSA will apply to these terms and conditions. The customer waives its rights under sections 116, 117(l)(c), 120(2), 121, 125 and 131


We have a no returns policy on products installed, or partially installed.


Rights of Termination

Primo Air Ltd reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any stage.


Primo Air Ltd reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the customer defaults in performing its obligations under this agreement.


Termination of this agreement will not produce or affect the rights, remedies, and claims, and or any liabilities of Primo Air Ltd. Primo Air Ltd shall not have any liability or responsibility whatsoever to the customer for any loss or damage which may result indirectly or directly from termination of this agreement.


Upon termination of this agreement, the customer will be subject and liable to pay for any work/materials installed or delivered on site up until date of termination.



Manufacturers standard warranty apply on all appliances and materials.


Labour and workmanship incur a 12 month warranty.


Primo Air Ltd is not liable for any loss due to faulty materials.